Calvary Christian Preschool provides optimum care and supervision in a safe, protective environment necessary to enrich and enhance your child’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Our program offers each child the loving attention and personalized care required to encourage and promote the healthy development of self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Calvary Christian Preschool is staffed with caring, qualified professionals trained in Early Childhood Education who understand and recognize the needs of each individual child. Our standard of excellence assures you of consistent quality with regard to conscientious care, nutrition, and safety. We are committed to making your child’s early years as secure, enjoyable, and informative as possible. At Calvary Christian Preschool we are dedicated to instilling within each child the love of the Bible and its principles and to apply those principles to everyday life.


Our beginning though advanced preschool curriculum is designed to enhance and promote growth in these areas as your child progresses through this levels:

  • The ability to listen for short periods of time
  • Active participation in learning games and drills
  • Recognition of each letter of the alphabet including its sound
  • The ability to print each letter of the alphabet
  • The ability to blend letters and sounds together until finally blending words with one and two vowels - reading!
  • The ability to count from 50 -100 and beyond
  • The ability to print numbers from 1 - 100 and beyond
  • The understanding of the concepts of numbers; not just memorization by "rote"
  • The understanding if simple addition, before and after numbers, smaller than, larger than, and the recognition and concepts of pennies, nickels, and dimes
  • The ability to write complete sentences using simple punctuation, including words up to six letters


 Calvary Christian's Preschool’s programs offer a firm social foundation to enable children to continuously develop as successful individuals as they experience the joys of childhood. Self-discipline and responsibility are taught to enable the student to learn to function efficiently in classroom situations. 


Cooperation and participation skills are taught through scheduled academic activities as is appropriate to each academic level, such as; oral drills, memorization, and oral reading circles. To enable the student to gain the social skills needed to participate equitably in peer groups, Calvary Christian Preschool also encourages the growth of social relationships and self-understanding through associative and cooperative play.

Calvary Christian Preschool - License # 343600270

Ages 2-6

Hours from 6:00am-6:00pm 


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