Calvary Christian School

Kindergarten through High School


Calvary Christian Preschool

Ages 18 months through 4 years


Calvary School-Age Care

Ages 5 through 12 years



Troy Fair, Senior Pastor


Sue Arriaga, Superintendent


Hope Camarena, Director/Secretary


Calvary Christian School and Preschool provides a great team of administrators, teachers, workers, pastors and parents dedicated to preparing students for a life that is fulfilling and pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To this end, we will provide a Christian environment that will promote academic and personal excellence.


We, as staff members of Calvary Christian, purpose to exemplify a Christian life in our words and actions, as we endeavor to instill in each student a love for the Word of God, and a reverence for His life-transforming power. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing each student with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, confidence, and self-esteem, to continuously develop as an individual, maintain a productive work life, and cooperatively participate in our democratic society as an effective and informed citizen. 


  • Strong curriculum
  • Campus environment
  • Educates children ages 18 months through the twelfth grade
  • A division of Calvary Evangelism Center
  • Hours of Care available 6:00am-6:00pm


Calvary Christian School, an integral, indivisible part of Calvary Evangelism Center, seeks to provide a Christian education that is based solely on Biblical principles. Our objectives are as follows: 


Christian Faith:

  • To teach that the Lord Jesus Christ came to the earth to die for our sins, and rise from the dead for our salvation
  • To teach the opportunity and privilege of living a life in Jesus Christ by being born of water and spirit
  • To teach that growth in Christ depends upon reading the Bible, praying, worship and serving God in stewardship of life 

Christian Ethics: 

  • To teach the application of Biblical principles to every part of daily life Christian 

Scholastic Responsibility:

  • To teach proper study habits and the completion of personal goals
  • To teach students to work independently and cooperatively
  • To teach the student that his time, talents and possessions are gifts from God and one’s highest purpose is to use them to fulfill God’s will in life 

Christian Education:

  • To teach the Biblical perspective of all subjects
  • To teach that God is the Creator of man and Sustainer of the universe
  • To develop an appreciation for the fine arts
  • To develop the creative skills of each student
  • To teach, in a traditional classroom setting, the knowledge and skills required for future study and/or occupational competence
  • To provide an education that is equivalent or superior to that provided by public school. This level of education allows students to transfer to other public or private schools
  • To teach American heritage and an awareness of the current problems facing our country and the world
  • To show the student his present civic duties, and to prepare him for adult responsibilities
  • To show the student the special obligation that every Christian has toward his nation
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